Moving Pictures

LPCH - An Unstoppable Combination

A collection of my favorite timelapses from Dallas Texas!

Motion Control Reel

Seattle Timelapse

San Francisco Timelapses! A mix of my personal work, and work shot for the ABC Family show, Startup U. All captured with a CamBLOCK Adventure!

DP'd and edited a short piece on the opening of the newly renovated Moody Coliseum for SMU.

A promotional video taken from the daily videos I shot and edited while on the road with the high school Solar Car teams in the summer of 2014.

Shot, directed and edited this commercial for Hook Line and Sinker.

Just a few clips behind the scenes of some of my CamBLOCK work.

“Documenta-Mercial,” DP, Editor. Doritos (spec./competition) WINNER - Dallas Ad League’s ADDY® Silver Medal Award 2009

Butternut Lake: Heaven on earth. My sanctuary and family's getaway for over 30 years.